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what. janitor. where do you take. these national criminal courts is the place where the west judges the rest to believe or jackson arrest warrant for colonel gadhafi saying the hague tribe you know is just a political tool and housing no authority. be used economic crises in nations like greece forces culture such as turkey who have long been seeking membership to shift their focus eastwards. and boosting the birth rate or breaching women's rights russia lawmakers discussed restrictions on abortion that have split public opinion . coming up in business greece plans to sell off state and instead assets and introduce austerity measures in
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a desperate bid to stave off the phone joining me for the full story in around twenty minutes time. that's three pm in moscow this is archie coming to you live on the somali with our top story and libya's justice minister says tripoli is refusing to recognize the arrest warrant for colonel gadhafi issued by the international criminal court at the hague it's obvious his closest allies are accused of ordering war crimes to be carried out against their own people but tripoli says the actions by the i.c.c. are just a cover for continued nato bombings archies many of the notional went to see the effects of the airstrikes on the libyan people on. the road from the capital tripoli to brag is lined with the often mass of war towns abandoned as the population fled the bald. this is what's left of the port in the siege of.
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homes of one of the country's key oil refineries the last plane took off from this runway just hours before it was hate. to say so it's only been the targets of military value well call say these telecommunications towers some fifteen minutes west of the tower to be destroyed in a time like this is a site they've made two strikes and they've also accidentally. two cars and killed two civilians there is no t.v. in this area and as we can see. it has also been disrupted. there is no water and no to. what used to be heaven this man says has become hell what was home now suzanne for me here. i have nine children and i send them all to my relatives abroad i don't want them to see their mother and says you condition. from least
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small cause far from drug gas used to flow to europe. we used to produce fields ascended to them and now see they destroy it all this is terrible and ridiculous at the same time. the closer you get to the frontline the more you feel it you can hear the war and you can even read it on the. jobs just before the bombs arrive. this one says if you can see the results here arabic that nato is here leave it to in force and i'll fly zone over the country to protect civilians on the other side there is another sign also in arabic saying that nato can attack any place at any time. the standard time happened three times over several hours while we were feigning. raga labors major all thought is where the front five guys divided the country to two parts into two swear one side is going to break one flashpoint between the rebels and gadhafi
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supporters it's a very important point as to take the quote case getting a firm hand on this count would mean taking control over the country's economy. all facilities seem to be a rare target of nato bombs never land on. civilian population can hardly scape. they were like my family that had just gone to the shop to buy some food and this happened six of them died they couldn't believe it. and this useable restaurant for all companies staff where friends gathered after work we were eating with my colleagues and there was a boom we knew what that was we run we try to help those who are strapped and then the helicopters came and still wanted to shoot us as if they didn't want us to save our friends. from one street to another the stories are repeated. our problem was we had. this imagine every day every day
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did wondering a big killed our civilians but there. is a country this is probably live you well those voices become more and more frequent is the sound of exploding bombs and warplanes drowns. out she only. a spokesman for the international criminal court says there won't be any external operation to rescue not gadhafi claiming only internal forces in libya can do it meanwhile russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has voiced his fears that the isis actions could damage attempts to be in conflict. music of the city with the international commission which visited libya found that war crimes were committed by government forces as well as some of the opposition fighters so we hope that the investigation will be fair non politicized and lawful on the political side of the matter i hope his words will negatively
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affect the efforts to bring a peaceful solution to this conflict leadership i'm looking for well russia says the crisis in syria should be resolved through dialogue and once the violence to be stopped because russia's presidential envoy to africa met with syrian activists here in moscow says peter other has the details. it's important to stress that this isn't any fishel visit from the syrian opposition although members of the group they do call themselves syrian opposition in attendance here in moscow's also people from n.g.o.s it human rights groups know they've come to the russian capital to call on russia to put more pressure on president assad the syrian leader to stop the violence in the country now they spoken with me help me out of jail all of my senior russian diplomats a very experienced member of the the foreign ministry when it comes to this part of the world and he put forward russia's opinion on this russia of course wants to see
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an end to the violence in syria they want to see that end coming to discussion and diplomacy not to violence. say that russia would be vehemently opposed to any form of foreign intervention into the situation ongoing in syria they definitely do not want to see a repeat of the violence that we have in libya at the moment and were very disappointed with the the way that foreign intervention has progressed they said that they russia no circumstances will be backing any form of foreign intervention in syria they want to see peace coming through discussion and diplomacy. still to come for you this hour on r t the east giving the west a helping count we bring you expert opinion on why china is so keen to come to the rescue of europe's foundering a commie. and so the world abandoned nuclear power after the disaster at the fukushima plant we asked the x.
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director of the international atomic watchdog hammad el baradei why little later in the program. great trade unions have begun a general forty eight hour strike against new austerity plans which are to go to a crystal vote on wednesday thousands have taken to the streets about plans and are now marching towards parliament processors are warning the. tried to prevent m.p.'s from entering the building twenty eight billion euro package of spending cuts and tax hikes is a key condition for the country to get more cash from the e.u. well if approved it will mean a new bell out and another tranche of last year's aid packages being handed over otherwise greece could become the first eurozone country to default on its debt. be well europe is being offered offered help with its ellinger economy by china the chinese prime minister who's on a tour of the e.u. has offered to buy debt from struggling nations but to discuss that we're now joined discuss rather what's behind china's interest in europe we can now calls
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live to columnist mark pauly who joins us live via broadband thanks for being with us you of course can understand this from an e.u. perspective they need china's investment here amid hard times but what about china why is it pumping money into such an economically unstable place. he's trying to encourage stability that's the whole thing another global financial crisis would be. that through including including china. in the name of the game president is trying to do stability and confidence in the markets do you think that china will be wanting the return and do you think that the e.u. would be willing to make some. i will guarantee the chinese will be getting there in the flesh for. this. gives me
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a huge amount of leverage in the trade negotiations and it puts them in a very very strong position to be able to get their way on number of different issues. that they need to diversify as well away from. home less government etc this is the way it's all good and getting. every gene in shape because i see a sions that has been increasing it. in the here i'll grant. you remember how drawn a billion euro fine or what do you think of hind or what is the next one all about . how well we just don't have any money and we we can we can print jobs but we don't have a pot of money set aside like us. which have a national debt able to to help as what we're trying to come back i'll spending it
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in the u.k. and in this time of austerity it's very difficult to justify helping out something that really seems to me a year. old rather than the european problem if that makes sense and that's right that's why it cameron can justify. being not only am i. right economists mark up at supporting thank you very much for being with us on the line. well to spite economic turbulence within europe what are your plans to join the eurozone in twenty fourteen and invest and stated by the country's prime minister and also are still keen to enter the monetary bloc others are beginning to rethink their membership plans as tom burton parts sheep in turkey is in asia minor or not in europe through these places not the european union turkey started seeking integration with europe in the one nine hundred fifty s. and was made a u.
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candidate in one thousand nine and since then from germany have remained opposed to continue stalling negotiations turkey. and european union. have actually stalled the. relationship for such a long time that. public is tired of it the main reason turks think the europeans don't want immigration first will they come and steal our jobs like the polish plumber. and second well they threaten us culturally but others see the real fear in paris and berlin as a loss of political power and it's sort of. for a german condominium is already under challenge but the inclusion of turkey in the european union me and it would be totally impossible to sustain now embroiled in
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economic crisis the e.u. isn't as strong as it once seemed turks are starting to view the delays in joining less with frustration and more with relief frankly given. the state of the european union right now is the inability of taking decisions the. fragile situation the rising racism many islam a phobia in many countries. it's it's becoming less and less attractive turkey is no longer waiting for europe to change its mind instead many speak of the axis of turkish interest shifting from west to east it's pursued a no problems policy with its neighbors in recent years that's yielded impressive results boosting trade and making turkey a leader in regional diplomacy if we want to. combine our.
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power with others i think we should look at. the bosphorus behind me has long been seen as a bridge between east and west but with turkey increasingly pushed away by europe over here and pull towards the middle east and asia over here turks no longer see all their hopes but looking west tamasin r.t. istanbul turkey. but in just over fifteen minutes max kaiser and his co-host lisa herbert discussed what the stock waves from the e.u. debt crisis are reaching the u.s. . there is a common theme emerging all roads are pointing to one culpable source of the catastrophe p b i'm not talking about brigitte bardot but ben bernanke he actually says that this will be a small at negligible impact of greece defaulting he is telling a lie that's causing incredible global financial damage again i suggest
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waterboarding. in japan the president of tepco the company operating the crippled fukushima plant has apologized for the disaster earlier this year the company has come under fire out of meeting with shareholders for not doing enough to deal with the situation meanwhile as workers have begun to install a protective cap at the first reactor aimed at preventing radio. from spreading efforts to cool the reactors are continuing as a key water recycling system has again been launched the ongoing crisis has left europe divided over the future of nuclear power while france's promise further investment germany plans to shut all of its plants the former head of the international atomic energy agency mohamed el baradei says despite the list there's no way the world can abandon nuclear energy now. this illusion is not to face is
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not to to shut down a new kind of energy because it provides forty percent of your place to demand and . possibly more in the future and in companies like china you know there is no option but to continue to use the old every day for source of energy and including the current the fact that germany is working out the france is going to increase well. these this is a question of the psychology in different countries you know people are ready to accept a certain degree of risk that are saying you know as i was saying that we were going to walk away but there would be interest you see how germany is going to substitute the twenty percent for you kristie that comes from from nuclear energy. brief look now at some other international headlines for you iran has tested medium and long range missiles as part of ten day drills it says the missiles are intended to protect the country from possible threats from israel and the u.s.
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forces in the gulf on monday iran released footage of its underground launch pads which can't be detected by satellites to wrong is facing international pressure over its nuclear program which the west claims is intended to build nuclear weapons . activists from scandinavia who are part of the folks who are hoping to make its way to gaza say their ship has been found and tossed the vessels propeller will support a big cut off dock that a report and will take a couple of days to prepare meanwhile israel warns it would prevent any attempt to breach at sea blockade of the palestinian territory a year ago a similar mission led to the deadly raid by israeli commandos in which nine activists were killed. the international monetary fund is preparing to name its next boss with christine lagarde expected to win the vote french finance minister would be the first woman to leave the organization if she manages to beat her opponent for us central banker from mexico the new i am and had to replace the many
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stars khan who resigned last month over sexual assault charges. now a drive by the russian government to raise the birth rate has led to lawmakers proposing a bill limiting a pregnant woman's options over abortion by just later say they want to reduce the huge number of terminated pregnancies but there's criticism that the measures will deprive women of the right to determine their own future. when she heard she was pregnant again the unit had already been through the center in sections and had. to make her life complete along with her diabetes this pregnancy was a huge risk now though she can't imagine life without her sasha. there's a lot of where i leave him a little miracle i can't even imagine that once i had thought about getting rid of him the other never regretted my decision later i was able to make a choice freely had she wanted a terminations and nothing would have stood in her way abortion in russia is
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available on request up to twelve weeks and is permitted at any stage if the pregnancy puts the mother's life in danger the proposed legislation would end free abortions and state clinics and make women wait for a week before the terminations to think over their decision the morning after pill now available at any pharmacy would also become prescription only it's about all of those believe that if we managed to avert at least twenty percent of abortions annually we have a clear increase in boys rates instead of a demographic decline would that yana a qualified psychologist working at one of moscow's maternity hospitals says the stress of an unplanned pregnancy often makes women washed in a decision they might later regret but the reservation my task is not to stop a woman out of abortion just sure how the alternatives so it she doesn't end up formants in herself where with questions like who are all the baby would have been now and what he or she would have looked like. experts say the only way forward is
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to give women the security needed to embark on motherhood olga found the help she was so desperate for at a moscow charity that. my husband left me when i was pregnant i didn't have any means to the kids already had it along raise another one. however opponents of the proposed legislation believe limiting a woman's choice breaches her rights both health and human my body is my business is just one of their slogans that we have about three shows that being abortions has never wanted to be able when the soviet union outlawed abortions in one hundred thirty six the result was an enormous increase in the maternal death rate and that's where doctors fear most that restrictions on legal abortions would only push women to find risky backstreet alternatives even if it threatens their health and life the all of those the years living in russia forty percent of women decide
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against pregnancy and if a woman is determined not to have children she won't and that includes simply abandoning them. like the mothers of these babies who found another way to escape burdens of motherhood these children are too young to understand why they were not wanted. these children didn't choose to come into this world and be deprived of their basic right for parental love one day they might find someone to call their family however the question is whether restricting abortions will lead to more children abandoned after being warned against their mothers will. carry i wish her well r.t. moscow. bills have plenty more stories why go you are mine are too dark here's what's available for you right now you can find out why aspirants are predicting a financial doomsday is looming for the whole of the us as soon as the second of august parts. fires and floods are threatening nuclear plants in america with fears
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that four million people absolutely within range of a potential atomic disaster i want to argue dot com for more details. up next is all the latest business news with katrina stay with us. hello welcome to our series business bulletin the clock's ticking down on greece's judgment day the country will default in july its e.u. doesn't provide a new bailout new austerity measures are being debated in parliament this week not a run of them r.b.c. capital markets believes it's it's a make or break time problem in greece is that
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a lot of political difficulties we've had problems with the statistics which are misinformed both the governments and the international community so. they are living at the eleventh hour for quite some time but i think really that sort of five minutes to midnight and there really is no alternative they do have to proceed with this austerity plan there is a risk if they don't push through the storage program we could see much more substantial impact on financial markets with a negative reaction obviously there are contingency plans but the question is can i be your porter do operation quickly enough to save the financial markets russia is on its way towards cutting its budget deficit and returning to the black in the next three years but when crude prices could also help reduce the three point six percent gap in the budget that's one cent by the end of the year but analysts warn the high crude prices of putting long term financial stability at risk. it's a good thing for russia that the world's come down for it was setting up drones and
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for two hundred thirty dollars on brands in the longer run this will be a boom and bust cycle we saw in two thousand and eight you do not want to see this again in russia much more sustainable for the world economy if if the oil prices say averaging one to one hundred dollars this is better global economy grows stronger it's a more sustainable story and that's that's how you can make proper plans for the future let's take a look at the markets now the oil is starting to close the gap on monday's losses which sent crude prices to their lowest in four months the major drop came on the heels of last week's announcement by the international energy agency that it will release sixty million barrels of oil the movie's hope to counter the effect of halted exports from libya. european markets opened in the black also on optimism over greece's debt crisis footsie is up almost point four percent face down and in moscow both e.l.t.'s in the my six trading in the black tuesday coming back from monday's losses though investors are hopeful they continue to be slightly cautious
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due to concern over the situation in greece. let's have a look at some individual share moves on the my six now energy majors are in the black helped my slight gains in oil electricity just. a five is edging higher on reports that has successfully placed three year bonds among miners aluminum is on the rise with stronger gold prices importing stocks. rushes out of tricity export monopoly into russia is about some pull the plug on it surprised about a ruse has failed to pay its bills on time and missed an extended deadline for supplies will be halted by midnight if bellaver it doesn't pay its debts of about fifty million dollars. the economic crisis in the country has the problems of a payment about can't withstand of the electricity uses comes from russia. global investors are gathering. in moscow to brainstorm their strategies in russia the
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event has been held by rene since capital i've just been investing in russia for twenty years business artie's dmitri medvedev caught up with the company's c.e.o. stephen jennings to find out how the investment climate has improved over the. other three twenty years ago there was no market there was literally no market no infrastructure no capital markets no private sector companies so to try to change has been vast but i think the point is every every phase of russia has outperformed relative to expectations one of the perplexing things is this is perpetual somewhat negative attitude from the west towards russia but if you look exposed the results have been very favorable over a long period of time given the current market conditions do you think right now is a good time to invest in russia things that are interesting time you know russian assets are very cheap but not much more expensive than pakistan which is clearly ridiculous russia has a strong track record in large scale privatisation i won't be surprised if it's bigger if it goes further than people are talking about i think would be progress
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and building the moscow financial center where would you invest today in what sectors of russia's economy you know there's still a normal potential really across the board and next resources they are a large scale assets that is still not being with more than corporate structures or being necessarily being managed well across all the so-called new sectors the economy with its financial services retail consumer like manufacturing and this is the highest return significant market in the world over the last ten years by a very considerable margin it's a market that's been open to foreign investors for fifteen years by strategic and financial investors so there's ample opportunity the market is very liberal and in my view will continue to see strong returns. and that brings you up to date for this our kareen of will be here with more business in just under an hour's time stay with us the headlines next. if.
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